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When SHWA(UK) was founded just over 8 years ago, we had no resources other than the initial donations members made. As you can imagine it takes a lot of money to do what we do and the more we get in the more dogs we can help. We have no paid staff, no buildings to maintain so all the money goes to help unwanted Siberians.

The amount of money spent on neutering is particularly crucial - rescues which rehome unneutered dogs/bitches are running the risk of their rehomed dogs being used for unethical breeding - an irresponsible thing for a rescue to do!

Our volunteers get involved in a great deal of fundraising work on behalf of SHWA, but donations from the public are gratefully received and will be used directly in our welfare work!

SHWA(UK) officers and members are all unpaid volunteers and all money raised is used in the rehoming and welfare of the dogs!

Ways in which YOU can help!



You can join SHWA by completing one of our application forms and returning it to our Membership Secretary. To download a form Click HERE


You can get actively involved in SHWA as a volunteer - helping our with fostering, fundraising, transport etc. Complete an application form HERE  - Please note - all SHWA members and helpers must conform with the SHWA(UK Code of Ethics


You can send a donation direct to the Treasurer (contact for the address).


You can pledge a one-off, monthly or annual sum to SHWA(UK) by direct debit (contact for details).


You can donate via Paypal - Our account is - please mark your donation "GIFT" so that we don't get charged for the transaction.

PLEASE NOTE - SHWA(UK) is not a business and we do not have "opening hours" - all our people are volunteers and working from their own homes in their own time for SHWA(UK).