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These are some of the dogs currently being fostered and awaiting adoption.  Please Remember that we will rehome the dog to the family that we feel is most suitable FOR THE DOG!  -  Not all the dogs we are fostering appear on this list as some are still under assessment, some are awaiting or recovering from neutering, and some need long term therapy before they are ready for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, please complete an application form and submit it to us by email. (Form HERE).

There may be more information and photos of the dogs on our SHWA(UK) Available Dogs Facebook Page - Click HERE


Our volunteers work hard all year on behalf of unwanted Siberian Huskies. All year they balance the needs of their work, their families and their own dogs with the constant pressure of rescue work. Because of this, each year at Christmas time we close down for a month in order to give our volunteers the opportunity to concentrate on their own lives for the Yuletide period.  This year's closedown will start on 8th December 2018 and end on 7th January 2019. During this period we will only deal with genuine emergency situations. Other than genuine emergencies, we will not take in any dogs, nor will we rehome any for the period of the closedown.


Last Updated - 12/12/18

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